The Narrative Platform

The Narrative Platform is an integrated media publishing system for creating layered narratives that instruct, engage, and communicate to mobile media consumers Schedule a Demo

The Narrative Platform is an integrated media publishing system for creating layered narratives that instruct, engage, and communicate to mobile media consumers.

Producer: Integrated Media Authoring

Narrative Producer is a professional authoring toolset for creating integrated video and rich-media narratives. Instructional designers, product marketers, entrepreneurs, and those looking to develop their own online institutes and programs can use Producer to create powerful, engaging, interactive video narratives that drive up viewer engagement and deliver tangible results.

Multi-Dimensional Video Timeline


With Producer, the web browser becomes your canvas, giving you the flexibility to design a compelling rich-media narrative. Drop in any video URL or audio file to start, then layer in deep-dive content along your timeline. Synchronize transcripts, images, web resources, other videos, formative assessments, polling questions, and more.

Passive to Active Storytelling


Increase your story’s impact with Producer. Internationalize your content with multi-language support and auto translation. Efficiently upload and store media with SRT and VTT transcript file ingestion and batch uploading to an asset library. Expand your distribution by generating open links, QR Codes, or LTI links for seamless embeds in LMS’s or marketing materials.

The Unfettered Narrative


Producing integrated-media narratives ensures your layered-media tapestries are accessible and your distribution is unbridled. This solution is ADA compliant, IMS Global compliant, responsively designed, and OAuth 2.0-ready, and can be experienced anywhere on any web-enabled device, in any LTI compliant LMS, from any social media application or website, blog, even emails.

Player: Set Your Story Free

When you design a rich-media narrative you might want the flexibility to deliver it through any digital medium, LMS, website, social media application, blog, email etc. Narrative Player was designed to launch from all these mediums so the choice as to how you want your content distributed remains yours.

Views to Match Your Learning Preferences


Digital content consumers demand choice in how they engage learning and information. With the Narrative Player, the choice is yours to engage with the choreographed presentation, watch full-screen video with transcript, or review content in list form and search the video transcript and associated media at will.

Watch on the Go and Social Share


Responsively designed to launch from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, Narrative Player is for mobile media learners and consumers. Social sharing can be enabled so the narratives you deliver through Narrative Player can go viral, scaling the impact of your instruction or marketing messaging.  

From Passive Video to Experiential Narratives


People’s tolerance for long-form, talking head video and droning lecture capture with no interactivity choices is shortening. The Narrative Platform is designed for shorter form, engaging video with opportunities to explore a wide variety of deeper-dive media along the narrative arc. Viewers can dive into relevant readings, web links, images, other videos, formative assessments, polling questions, comments, etc.

Editor: Customize Your Narrative Real Time

The Narrative Platform enables originally authored narratives to grow and evolve by provisioning other instructors and course admins to add their own content. Starting from a baseline Narrative in an LMS, Narrative Editor allows instructors to overlay their own comments, links, digital documents, images, slides, videos, polling questions, and formative assessments.

Personalize and Enhance a Narrative


Launching Narrative Editor from an LMS, instructors and course admins can make a Narrative their own. While the baseline Narrative stays the same, every instance of a course can be personalized using Narrative Editor. Multiple instructors can enhance a Narrative with different interactive media, without altering the baseline published content.

Engage Your Audience


Narrative Editor allows you to interact more directly with your viewers and keep them engaged. You can add directed comments, interactive questions, and additional media insertions that pertain to a particular instance of a course.

Keep Your Content Up-to-Date


The world is rapidly changing, and so does our content. Narrative Editor allows you to keep your data fresh and your story relevant. Post updates to articles, newly relevant statistics, or pose new questions to keep your viewers active, engaged, and up-to-date.

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo today!

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo today!