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The Narrative Platform

Interactive Storytelling Suite
Narrative Player

An interactive video player that weaves rich transmedia content along the core video’s narrative timeline. Images, comments, polls, YouTube videos, links, files, transcripts come up in context as the video plays instigating engagement for better learning and decision making.

Narrative Editor

Narrative Editor is a real time customization tool set that enables authors and administrators of a Narrative to add transmedia overlays on the core video: comments, formative assessments and polling questions, images, links, files, and YouTube videos.

Narrative Producer

Producer is the professional authoring system used to develop transmedia narrative courses, training programs and MOOCs, product and enrollment marketing, personal and professional profiles and brands, rich media reports, investment pitches, business plans and annual reports.


The Narrative Platform was designed to integrate seamlessly with Learning Management Systems, Websites, and social media platforms. It can be white labeled and launched through LTI or OAuth2 single sign-on mechanisms. It is responsively designed to operate on mobile media devices, desktops and laptops.

One Platform Many Uses

The Swiss Army Knife of Interactive Video

Video is eating the internet: Social Media video profiles or storytelling, video driven courses, Vlogging, Content and Product Marketing, video narrative eBooks and Courseware. We provide a responsively designed, cloud based suite of tools to develop and deliver Transmedia Narratives for instruction, marketing, branding, and communicating to a mobile ready world. Wherever an interactive story can better inform, instruct, or promote an idea, brand or product we are there.

  • ADA Compliant

    WCAG2 AA compliant

  • IMS Global Certified

    LTI 1.2 compliant

  • Responsively Designed

    We are a mobile first, interactive video suite of applications operable on any device with a browser.

  • OAuth2.0 Ready

    Through OAuth2.0 the Narrative Platform can launch from web pages through your Facebook, LinkedIN, Google, Twitter, or WordPress accounts.


Narrative Platform Use Cases
  • Corporate Marketing

    Field Pros is a leading executive search and placement firm focused on educational technology companies. They wanted to create an interactive, video and transmedia brochure that they could email to business to business clients and prospects they’re managing and cultivating to tell their unique story and market their services in a cutting edge new way. Narrative Producer can build interactive, digital storytelling marketing collateral and generate links that can be used in targeted email marketing campaigns. Field Pros Transmedia Profile

    Corporate Marketing
  • Courseware

    Career Playbook Interactive is online professional development for college students aspiring to enter the workforce or career changers. Based on Jim Citrin’s acclaimed The Career Playbook,  this customizable, interactive video-based course runs within any college or university LMS and may be offered to students and alumni through the institution’s Career Services or Alumni Association.

    Through Narrative Editor, Career Playbook Interactive provides a customization toolset for course administrators or instructors to add real time comments, links, videos, slides, digital documents, polling questions / formative assessments or images. Narrative Editor gives customers real time flexibility to add or delete new content and personalize Career Playbook Interactive to your institution.

    Institutions can license Narrative Producer and Career Playbook Interactive and create their own custom career readiness professional development by blending CPI modules with their own modules featuring their career center staff or luminary alumni. Career Playbook Interactive Overview

  • Narrative Publishing

    Engineers Without Borders USA has been a long time partner of In The Telling: The Transmedia Studio and Narrasys. EWB has over 13,000 members, the majority are engineering college students that do field projects like well building, bridge building, and photovoltaic system implementation. EWB’s members need a baseline of training to be effective in the developing communities their members and sponsors work in.

    EWB-USA partnered with In The Telling and Narrasys to begin taking this training online. In The Telling trained EWB on producing Transmedia Training Narratives. To scale their online training to support over 450 chapters nationwide Narrasys is collaborating with EWB-USA to train their course developers to author their training curriculum with Narrative Producer. EWB has their members film and photograph many of their projects and has curated a large collection of images, videos, plans, documents, training procedures and presentations that need the Narrative Platform to synthesize in cogent stories and cases. Narrative Producer is a template driven, cloud based authoring platform. It works inline within the Narrative Player and provides a transmedia narrative developer tools and choices for laying the video and transmedia out on the browser canvas. With Producer you can start with a blank slate, add the finished video core narrative and layer in relevant transmedia along the narrative timeline.

    Narrasys is working with its partners In The Telling, EWB and several publishers to develop Narrative Producer into a broadly subscribable Transmedia Narrative authoring platform. Stay tuned.

    Narrative Publishing
  • Blended, Flipped, and Online Courses

    In The Telling: The Transmedia Studio licenses and private labels the Narrative Platform from Narrasys. In The Telling has designed and produced online courses and programs for a variety of prestigious colleges and universities including:

    Columbia Business School

    Columbia School of Professional Studies

    Middlebury College

    The George Washington University

    The Narrative Platform has been used in blended and flipped classroom, online distance education, and MOOC deployments with students enrolling in courses from around the world. The Narrative Platform supports language localization and faculty customization through Narrative Editor. We have delivered hundreds of courses embedding the Narrative Platform in the following platforms: Moodle, Blackboard Learn,Canvas,WordPress,Open EdX,Coursera,WileyPlus Learning Space.

    Transmedia Course Samples


    Stiglitz & Greenwald – Globalization – Columbia Business School


    Media Platforms

    Media Platforms – Columbia Business School


    Kellogg Exec Ed

    Kellogg Executive Education – Create a Social Media Strategy


    30 Years of Upheaval - Middlebury College

    30 Years of Upheaval – Middlebury College

    Blended, Flipped, and Online Courses
  • MOOCs

    Public Policy Education Transmedia Narrative

    With support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Washington Community and Technical College system and Creative Commons partnered with Narrasys and In The Telling to produce and deliver an Open Educational Resources Policy series delivered through the Open Washington WordPress site and the Narrative Platform. The series showcases some the most influential OER Policy people in the US and is intended to broadly inform education policy people, administrators and educators on the current state of OER policy which is evolving rapidly.

    Open Washington OER Policy Transmedia Narratives

    OER Policy Case Studies

    OER and Public Policy: Overview and Opportunities


    George Washington University offered its first MOOC on the Federal Reserve: Past, Present and Future to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Fed. It as an example of the power of Documentary Instruction and was filmed on location in the Fed headquarters in Washington DC. The Fed asked all of its employees to participate in GWU’s first Open Course. The documentary instruction was delivered through the Narrative Platform embedded in the Open EdX MOOC platform. The Fed MOOC integrated a plethora of rich transmedia including web links, slides, historic images and YouTube videos. GW is launching a new MOOC in June 2016 on Patent Law taught by Judge Randall Rader on the Narrative Platform integrated with Coursera.

    Fed MOOC

    The Federal Reserve MOOC – George Washington Open





  • Corporate Training

    Dr. Tom Raven, one of the leading authorities in the world on the medical procedure called Prolotherapy had published the leading book on the procedure and has been running an in person, brick and mortar training program. He was interested in scaling globally to be able to offload more of the training online for mobile media access and time and location convenience for busy doctors. In The Telling: The Transmedia Studio worked with Tom to produce and build his online institute, Prolotherapy Online Institute. The flipped courses are delivered on the Narrative Platform integrated with a customized version of the Moodle learning management system that In The Telling built for Dr. Raven.

    Prolotherapy: Getting To the Point

    Prolotherapy: Getting To the Point

    Kevin Wilhelm, Founder of Sustainable Business Consulting, author and adjunct faculty at Bainbridge Graduate Institute was looking to scale the education and training he provides companies and business school students. He worked with In The Telling: The Transmedia Studio to produce an expansive primer on Business Sustainability for AACSB accredited colleges requiring business sustainability curriculum reform and businesses needing basic training. The courseware titles can be licensed by colleges or companies delivered through the Narrative Pla

    Kevin Wilhelm

    Strategy for Sustainability – Sustainable Business Consulting

    We have worked with the Kellogg School of Management, the Columbia School of Continuing Education and Columbia’s Executive Education groups to produce executive education and professional training courses. Here’s a sample from a course on Entrepreneurial Finance offered by the CBS Executive Education

    Entrepreneurial Finance

    Entrepreneurial Finance – Columbia Business School


    Corporate Training
  • Fundraising Campaigns

    Regis University is launching a new Business and Economics School and Dr. Tim Keane the new Dean used the Narrative Platform to capture and package a fundraising event the College hosted with Alumni. Whether a start-up early stage company, a non-profit organization, or a company needing to communicate to investors the Narrative Platform is ideal transmedia, narrative communications. Transmedia narratives engage a person emotionally and intellectually. Well crafted video with poignant research reports and documents, current news, supporting YouTubes, images, slides, branching off of the video timeline creates a powerful and action stimulating investor presentation.

    If you’re interested in seeing the investor presentation for Narrasys: The Narrative Platform company contact our CEO, Liz Rockhold –

    Regis Fundraiser

    Fundraising Campaign for the Business and Economics School at Regis University

    Fundraising Campaigns
  • Product Marketing

    James Citrin is a LinkedIN Influencer and runs the CEO Practice at Spencer Stuart, the leading professional talent management firm in the world. Jim wrote the Career Playbook for Millennials facing a complex and daunting job market. Career Playbook is published by Penguin/Random house. The Narrative Player is being deployed as a transmedia product marketing vehicle for promoting the book. Product marketing is rapidly heading to interactive video. The Narrative Player can deliver an engaging ad video and connect to the timeline all the transmedia a consumer needs to make a purchasing decision: customer reviews, comments, link to the online store, relevant YouTube videos.

    Career Playbook

    Product Marketing
  • Courseware

    WileyPlus Learning Space and Narrative Editor

    The Narrative Editor and Player is being used by Wiley Publishers to create Transmedia Narratives of some of their best selling authors delivering documentary instruction and interactive chapter openers. Narrative Editor and Player have been integrated with WileyPlus Learning Space.

    With Narrative Editor schools and faculty adopting WPLS Courseware will be able to use the Narrative Editor suite of tools to customize and localize the courseware by being able to add their own transmedia: comments, images, files, web links, YouTube videos, formative assessments, polling questions to the professionally produced video narrative. The Add button appears in the Narrative Player for faculty who can real time customize the rich media produced by Wiley and In The Telling in the courseware. Call your Wiley representative to learn more about these powerful transmedia tools now available in WileyPlus Learning Space titles.



  • College Enrollment Marketing

    The Narrative Platform has been used by several of our clients such as USC, Middlebury, George Washington and the Kellogg School of Management to tell the stories about the unique value proposition of their schools and world renowned faculty to prospective students and alumni. The USC Provost’s office deployed the Narrative Player to tell mini-documentary stories about nine of their star faculty. We launched the Narrative Player from the school’s public facing WordPress Website. The goal of Connecting With USC Scholars was outreach to alumni and enrollment marketing We integrated OAuht2.0 Single Sign on with Google, Facebook, LinkedIN, WordPress and Twitter so that prospects interested in USC could use their social media credentials to sign in to the Connecting With USC Scholars episodes. We integrated the Credly Badging System to badge participants in the sample course material built into the Narrative.

    Augmented Reality 4

    USC Scholar Robert Hernandez: Journalism and Augmented Reality


    Jame Elis USC Scholars

    USC Scholar James Ellis: Cultivate Creative Thinking


    John Wilson

    USC Scholar John Wilson: The Power of Maps


    Leslie Saxon

    USC Scholar Leslie Saxon: Body Computing and Heart Health


    George Sanchez

    USC Scholar George Sanchez: Integration in Boyle Heights


    Manuel Pastor

    USC Scholar Manuel Pastor: Future Trends in Immigration


    Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo

    USC Scholar Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo: An Intimate Relationship


    Anthony Hassan

    USC Scholar Anthony Hassan: Community Quarterbacks Score for Vets


    Maja Materic

    USC Scholar Maja Mataric: Socially Assistive Robotics

    Middlebury College was interested upgrading their Alumni College and driving more alumni to re-engage with the college by building an Open Course exclusively for Middlebury alumni around the world. Middlebury Board member and emeritus professor Russ Leng developed an epic documentary instruction course on the Years of Upheaval between World War I and World War II to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI. The Narrative Platform was integrated with Moodle and Middlebury ran the largest distance education course in the College’s 200 year history.

    Russ Leng

    Middlebury College: United States and Britain: The Special Relationship

    College Enrollment Marketing
  • Personal and Professional Profiles

    With the explosion of Facebook, 1.5 billion users, and LinkedIN, over 500 million professionals in their network, storytelling is becoming central to how we brand and network ourselves. Social Media is rapidly becoming Rich Media Social Media. Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope, Facebook’s recent launch of live streaming are all indicating that our public profiles are rapidly becoming video narratives. Narrasys is focused on developing Transmedia Narrative production tools and has developed templates in Narrative Producer for producing Interactive Storytelling personal and professional narratives in LinkedIN, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

    The Narrative Platform enables people to create powerful and memorable transmedia narratives that leave indelible brand impressions. Dump a litany stream of facts on a person interested in you and they glaze over, tell them your story with linked examples of your portfolio of work and accomplishments and you are remembered. Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore.

    Liz Profile 2

    Liz Rockhold’s Transmedia LinkedIN Profile

    Personal and Professional Profiles
  • Caseware


    The Narrative Platform was first designed as an iPad Application called Tell It. We formed a partnership with the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder to design and develop a new, video-narrative, sustainability caseware series delivered on mobile media devices. We built the Tell It App for the iPad, then engineered it for the Androids, then the Mac OS, then HTML5 and the Cloud.

    Cases are an ideal category for transmedia storytelling. Cases are about learning from real world scenarios. Documentary style video layered with polling questions, digital documents, slides, relevant web links, images, and formative assessments, and supporting YouTube videos are tailor made for the Case Method. We’ve gone on to develop caseware products for Columbia Caseworks, the Kellogg School of Management, Purdue University, Engineers Without Borders, and Mindwires. We have also added an commerce capability for our Caseware publishing partners to sell these products online.

    Transmedia Narrative CaseWare Samples

    Columbia Caseworks Product

    Columbia Caseworks Product

    Purdue Ethics

    Purdue University – Ethics in Engineering Design NSF Project



    Namaste Solar Sustainability Case




  • Content Marketing

    Trust and Kellogg’s Brand

    Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management is one of the top rated business schools in the world with renowned expertise in marketing education. Trust and the dynamics of how a person or organization builds it or destroys it is a deep area of subject matter expertise at Kellogg. The Trust project is a Transmedia Narrative initiative to showcase various Kellogg pundits and real world practitioners on the research and experiences of businesses and organization on managing and building trust. The Trust project is an example of how the Narrative Platform can be deployed to create compelling and deeply engaging Content Marketing. Telling real world stories nested with links to research, web resources, digital documents and studies, slide decks is a highly efficient way to deliver a multi-modal message and leave an indelible branding impression. 

    Kellogg Trust Site

    Content Marketing
  • Transmedia Blogging

    Personalized Learning

    Transmedia Narrative Blogging

    Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill have developed Mindwires Consulting into one of the leading analysis and advising firms in the higher education ed tech market. Their e-Literate Blog is one of the most watched and admired discussion forums amongst educational technology administrators, policy makers, learning scientists,researchers, practitioners and ed tech market makers. When Mindwires was introduced to the Narrative Platform they rolled up their sleeves and joined us to innovate a more deeply engaging model of transmedia narrative analysis and interactive video. Their intent has been to make analysis of complex innovation areas like personalized learning more accessible to higher education administrators with short video stories and interviews interwoven with previous, relevant blog posts, links to research papers and resources all with Creative Commons attributes and free to viewers. Michael and Phil have helped a great deal in our continuous design of the Narrative Platform and its capabilities. They were our first partners to embed our Narrative Player in a WordPress Blog Theme. They were also the first to embed the Player within the Player referencing earlier transmedia episodes we had developed together.

    ASU Case Study

    e-Literate TV



    e-Literate Blog

    e – Literate Blog


    Personalized Learning
    Transmedia Blogging
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Leadership Team

Decades of innovation. Not our first rodeo
Jeff Larsen
Jeff Larsen
Founder, Product Visionary. Jeff is an Intellectual Historian, PhD candidate, and a serial entrepreneur having built several successful media tech companies. He founded, Cooperative Media, Coursenet Systems, In The Telling, and Narrasys.
Bill Snyder
Bill Snyder
SVP of Engineering
Architect, Technologist. Bill has over a decade of experience in backend architecture, media content management systems, coding and systems architecture. He was a founder at In The Telling and developed the Narrative Platform since its inception five years ago.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson
SVP of Partnerships and Business Development
Co-Founder, Evangelist. Kevin has been an ed-tech intrapreneur and entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. He helped found the first New Media group at Pearson, and was part of the executive team at eCollege when it went public, and a co-founder of In The Telling and Narrasys.
Abigale Johnson
Abigale Johnson
Narrative Platform Product Manager
Abigale has been deeply involved with the Narrative Platform since its infancy through her work developing hundreds of courses and projects with In the Telling. Her expertise has been instrumental in platform design, training, and documentation.
Samuel Gault
Samuel Gault
Digital Marketing Manager
Designer, creative. Samuel has been a content developer and designer with Narrasys since the beginning. From designing full narrative aesthetics to the creative marketing pitch, he’s bringing a fresh, genuine look to his designs and projects.


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