Online Institutes

Online Academies: Prolotherapy Education

Many companies, subject matter experts, and authors have thousands of employees or followers around the world that have had to be inconvenienced by travel and time commitments to receive learning and development. The Narrasys Online Institute managed service provides an end-to-end technology solution for companies, subject matter experts, and authors to create highly efficient, scalable academies for self-paced or instructor-facilitated training. 

Dr. Tom Ravin is one of the leading authorities and pioneers in prolotherapy diagnostics and therapy procedures. He partnered with Narrasys to help scale his Academy of Musculoskeletal Medicine . Doctors, sports medicine therapists, and pain management practitioners from all over the world pay for and take the video and integrated media trainings online then come to Denver for their clinicals and final certification.

NYDLA: Online Academies

The New York Distance Learning Association provides a myriad of online education technology solutions and services like event management to its members through its large community of sponsors. NYDLA is partnered with Narrasys to provision online academy solutions to the thought leaders and companies in its sponsorship and membership network.

Chef Ann Learn: The Chef Ann Foundation

Chef Ann is a world-renowned chef trained at the California Culinary Institute. She pioneered a test kitchen in the Boulder County School District to create healthy, scratch-cooked, local foods to replace sugar-rich, highly processed foods. She trained all the food service workers in Boulder County schools to source and even grow their own local foods. The state of Colorado was so impressed with the health-improving results of Chef Ann’s program that they funded the Chef Ann Foundation to build an online academy to train all the food service workers in the state and beyond. The Chef Ann Foundation partnered with Narrasys to build Chef Ann Learn. The first two of eight online professional development courses will go live in the Fall of 2017.

Engineers Without Borders USA: EWB-USA

EWB-USA has 16,800 members, US engineering college students, and practicing civil engineers. EWB has over 300 chapters in US engineering schools. They train 1,500 members a year to design, assess, and implement civil-engineering infrastructure development projects in third-world countries. EWB-USA has partnered with Narrasys to create EWB-USA Learn, an online institute for standardizing and scaling infrastructure development project planning and implementation around the world. This training literally saves thousands of lives while training new generations of US civil engineers with global project management skills.