Investor Pitches and Communications: Regis University, Fundraising Campaign

Regis University partnered with Narrasys to use the Narrative Platform and our managed services to produce and deliver a global fundraising campaign for their new Business and Economics school. They filmed a donor dinner with university supporters in Denver and created an integrated media investor pitch they emailed all over the world to their alumni. They met their fundraising goals at a record pace. Integrated media storytelling is ideal for investor communications no matter what developmental stage your enterprise is in.

Enrollment Marketing: USC Scholar Robert Hernandez

The USC Office of the Provost collaborated with Narrasys / In the Telling  to develop profiles of nine of their leading scholars as an enrollment marketing initiative. We scripted and filmed the stories of these pundits’ scholarship and samples of the courses they teach and their research, and filmed at iconic locations like the LA Public Library. We also implemented a Credly badging solution that those interested in attending USC could convert into tuition discounts. These stories illustrate the power of documentary instruction and the layered media capabilities of the Narrative Platform.

Personal and Professional Branding: James Citrin Professional Profile

James Citrin leads the CEO and Board practice at one of the most prestigious talent management firms in the world, Spencer Stuart. Jim is a LinkedIn 1st Influencer with over 800,000 followers. As part of producing The Career Playbook Interactive, we filmed Jim’s story about his career and his passion for helping people design fulfilling careers and lives. Jim’s Narrative Player professional profile launches from his LinkedIn profile. It illustrates the power of transmedia storytelling for personal and corporate branding and marketing.

Content Marketing: Kellogg Northwestern, The Trust Project

The Kellogg School of Management has one of the most prestigious marketing programs in the world. Kellogg wanted to openly share stories with other scholars and marketing professionals about the deep research and knowledge base they have established in trust dynamics. Narrasys and In the Telling collaborated with Kellogg to produce a rich library of over 40 content marketing episodes on trust. The open library is launched from Kellogg School of Management’s website.

Transmedia Blogging: e-Literate TV

Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill, founders of Mindwires Consulting, are leading educational technology consultants, pundits, and bloggers. They received several Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grants to tell informative stories about MOOCs, open educational resources, and personalized learning. Narrasys and In the Telling collaborated with Michael and Phil on producing these stories and delivering them through the Narrative Player, launched from the e-Literate WordPress blog site. Transmedia narrative blogging illustrates a new innovation in creating multidimensional stories.